RW freezing or hangs on save

(David Gibbins) #1

Version 7.1.3 (18338)

(Dan) #2

Hi @gibbooz,

Can you send your project file to with details on how to re-create the issue. We’ll take a look and see if we can get to the bottom of it!


(David Gibbins) #3

I notice if the reboot and open the project, make changes the first save works.
I’ll do that via email
Thanks Dan

(Ian Sinclair) #4

I have the same problem.
I just spent 6 hours trying to get RW to save without freezing.
Had to force quit.
Ran disc first aid.
Reset pram
Opened Rapidweaver.
Attempted to save.
Was confronted by the Evil Perpetual Spinning Rainbow Wheel of Doom.
Over and over and over.

(Scott Steven) #5

Try and find the plist file for rapid weaver in the Library and trash it. Restart RW see if that fixes the issue

(Andrea Vitali) #6

thank You for the hint, where is the plist file?

(Isaiah Carew) #7

First, I’d recommend (after a good backup) trying the RapidWeaver 7.2 beta. It fixes many saving and exporting bugs.

If that doesn’t work I’d recommend sending your project to Realmac support.

I would strongly discourage you from trashing the “plist file” (which I think @scottsteven is referring to the preferences file) – this actually won’t do anything (immediately) since the macOS user defaults system caches things in memory – and is also very unlikely to solve any saving problems. it will, however, throw away all your license codes for addons, which will be a huge PITA.

give the beta a shot, and then contact support (either Realmac or YourHead) and share the project with them. they’ll help you get it sorted out – or you’ll help them find a bug. win-win. :thumbsup: