RW7 Publishing error (Voyager Pro template)


Upgraded to RW7 as soon as it came out. I also purchased the Elixirgraphics Voyager Pro template.
I created a base design and tried to publish it to my web host. For some reason, the preview inside RW7 looks correct, and if I publish to my desktop it looks correct, but when I publish to the web, all the backgrounds (banner section) are the same as the default? And some images are not correct. see

Each page is supposed to have a different background, and each page has a different quote. I asked Elixir about this and they suspect its a publishing bug with RW7?

If it helps - in the Voyager Pro template, I’m using their feature that overrides the default banner. So I set the default banner selection and then for each page I input a banner override image. Then I’m using their extra content zones to place the quote graphic on top of the banner image.

please advise!

Be sure to send a support ticket to with all the pertinent details.


I am so sorry that you are experiencing this problem and I know it can be a headache. It sounds link something that Realmac and Elixir can work out; however, try the following in the mean time and see if it helps:

  1. Click the Publish tab on the top right and select publishing Setup
  2. Make sure that you select ‘1 - Slowest (Most reliable)’ option under Connections.
  3. Then select from the Publish tab ‘Re-Publish All Files’

I hope this helps. If not, send a tick to Elixir or Realmac.

Happy weaving my friend.


I’m having the same issue with the Lander Theme. It’s not even publishing the banner I placed at the overall site banner, but it’s placing the banner of the last page in the pages list on all pages. I’ll file a ticket.

I just tried republishing and can confirm I’m having the same issue. Last image I uploaded was replicated across all pages. I removed all the banner images from my site and republished blank - and the same image remained resident. So whatever it is, its not changing even when images are changed out after the initial selection

Yep same here. @Elixir Only the master banner is working.

Will put a ticket into RW Support in case it is a RW bug.

PS this is a bummer too. Spent hours getting individual banners on pages! Lol

What version of RW are you all on? 7.0.0 or 7.0.1?

7.0,1 here Adam. And Stacks 3.1


Ah ha. I discovered what is going on. If a page uses the Master Theme, then the header from the General settings page is used. If you turn off Use Master on individual pages, then the individual header banner is utilized. This works, yet kind of defeats the purpose of a master page.

Not sure how it is designed to work.


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Same here. RW 7.0.1 and Stacks 3.1.
I’m going to try what garageshop suggests to see if it works. I’d like to use the master theme settings cross my pages

Yes, you are correct, you cannot use a Master Page if you wish to customize each page with a different banner. By using a Master Page you’re telling the app you want everything pulled from the Master Page settings. So that is working the way it should work, but maybe that is wasn’t clear that it should work that way.

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Thanks for the clarification!
In your video demoing the banner function, you say you can override the master page by simply putting a different banner image in the banner override. So I took that to mean it would use the master page for everything else.

I’ll update my site accordingly

Thanks Adam, I guess the confusion is that the Site Banner is on the General setting and not the Master Theme setting. Hence I thought that they would be separate.

It makes sense that they are connected, and it does defeat some of the benefit of a master page. Having them connected will require changes be made page by page, like before RW7. I suppose saving settings could help, and in my case I have a different banner on each page as I am using it as an intro to the page’s content. All the settings except the banner are the same. Oh well, not a big deal.


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Indeed unchecking the ‘Use Master Style’ box solved the issue.

So the GUI text at the banner section should not be ‘Override site banner’ but ‘Override default banner and uncheck Master Style for this page’ …

The GUI now is confusing.


I almost never use the Master Style page, as I’m always demoing different features of a theme on different pages. Plus I like to control each page individually. So I didn’t think of the fact that the Master Style page might play into it. I assume that the way it is working now is how Realmac intended it to work. Maybe @dan could let us know. If that is how they want it to work, maybe disabling the banner image well in the Page Inspector when the Master Style page is being used would be a good way to go. Or perhaps they mean you to be able to override the banner on each page when using Master Styles. If so then this would seem to be a bug.

Hey Adam,

This is how I interpreted the feature originally. This would be great as it would keep the functionality of the Master Page along with the specificity of the individual banners.


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