RW7 first launch?

(Edward ) #1

I just launched RW 7 (upgrade) for the first time but it did NOT ask me about “whether you’d like to copy your add ons click Copy Addons.” It launches and I can open a copy I made of my RW5 website, but I don’t have my addon Theme or Theme Styles that I can see in Application Support/Rapidweaver. Any suggestions? How can I get RW7 to see the folder Application Support/Rapidweaver?

BTW there was no installation (installer) process. The downloaded app was in my Download Folder after downloading. I simply copied it over to my Applications Folder and launched it.

(Doug Bennett) #2

Check your other post.

(Edward ) #3

Thank you I saw it and will try. I thought that other thread might be old with no one watching it.

(system) #4

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