RW7, Foundation, Stacks and Catalina


I have Mac RW7 installed with Foundation and Stacks and after updating the operating system to Catalina, an interrogation appears instead of the RW icon. I understand that it is not compatible with the new system.
Can someone explain something to me.
Thank you.

Catalina is not compatible to apps/programs working with 32-bit. RW7 is 32-bit.
Looks like you have to upgrade to RW8. Normally the Apple system should have warned you about 32-bit applications.
If you put catalina in the search functions here in this forum you get a lot of issues and similar questions/answers to your item.
sorry- but always check before upgrading an OS system…

Not true! RW6 and RW7 are 64bit. RW5 was/is 32bit.
I haven’t done Catalina yet; I have no plans until summer. Maybe the new Apple notarization (lockdown) requirement, but has nothing to do with 32/64 bit that Catalina doesn’t like.

Thanks Doug,
sorry - don’t wanted to give wrong information.

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