Version of 2014 not compatible with Catalina

I bought RW back in 2014 and until now it worked fine. After i updated my Mac to Catalina, I couldn’t open RW. An error occurred, in which my Mac told me that the version is not compatible with an 64-Bit System and that it needs to be updated.
Will the 2014 Version be optimized for Catalina or do I need to spend another 100$ on the new Version?
Thank you for your answers.

You’ll need to upgrade. Pretty sure that the 2014 version (6 ?) was 32 bit and Apple removed compatibility with 32 bit apps in Catalina. I’ve stayed on Mojave for the moment for exactly that reason (not for Rapidweaver - I use version 8) so that one 32 bit apps will run.

Rapidweaver 8 (and Stacks 4) is a huge move on though.

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RW 6.0 (released in 2014) was 64-bit. Even so, I’m not sure it would work with Catalina. You must be running RW5 if you got that message.

If you want to use it, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest version, RW8. You’ll also need to check that and plugins you use are the most recent, so they are “notarized,” or Apple’s gatekeeper in Catalina won’t let you use them.

Like @davehughes I’m still on Mojave.

You can see here that 6.0 was 64bit.

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