RW7 problem with publishing

I did read the manual from RW7.
I checked all with my provider.
I checked all the parameters of publishing, (They are the same as RW6)

When I make some changes on my website pages in rapidweaver 7 and I save the changes, then publised it and there were no changes.
All is the same as before.
With rapidweaver 6 it will do correct.
Can you give me some help? I think there are problems with publising with the new RW 7.
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Did you try this after your attempt to publish the changes with RW7 failed?

This thread!

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I did find the problem!
By the directory from my hosting company, the publish is in:
1 - RW6 on directory: var/www/html (this is standard RW6) it still works like that.
2 - RW7 on directory: /root/var/www/html
see also my blog:

I write to the support team (Aaron) to let him know. I hope they will change this back, so you will not have the same problems.

My host makes for me a redirect on his server in Linux to make a solution for this problem.

For now it works fine for me!
thanks for listening to me, I hope you understand what I write on here. Succes.

RW 7.0.1 still will not publish directly to my ftp like RW6 used to. Updating 6 websites …I’ve resigned to exporting and the uploading via Fetch on Mac. Silly, please make it work as it did in RW6.