RW8 and Banner replacement

(Dave) #1

Since I recently upgraded to RW8 even themes that previously supported Banner replacement now will not allow it, saying ‘The theme you have selected does not support banner images’ - what is wrong? Thanks.

(Ken) #2

Nothing - that’s the way it’s designed. Theme does not include a content area for a banner. If you are using stacks, use an “extracontent” stack to place your banner. The theme itself may have a banner selection option, but it will only those included in the theme itself.

(Dave) #3

Thank you for your reply, I am a real newbie with RW so I do not really understand. Should I therefore not use a theme at all for my home page and simply create a stack page? If so how? I cannot see how to create a page without a theme? Sorry to ask what is probably a really stupid question?

(Jason Bostick) #4

There’s definitely a place in RW8 to put banner images (you can see Ben doing it in one of his videos here:

But maybe I am misinterpreting what you mean by banner replacement

(Doug Bennett) #5

Might want to give us an example of the theme that supported banners in RW7 that don’t work in RW8.

(Dave) #6

But in RWQ8 the area for adding the replacement banner image as shown in the video will not allow a replacement, art says ‘The theme you have selected does not support banner images’ regardless of the theme I am using, even though in RW7 it was allowed (such as the Voyager theme?

(Doug Bennett) #7

I just opened a new project, Selected Voyager as the theme, and dragged an image into the banner area in General settings. It worked fine.

are you sure the theme is set correctly?

(Dave) #8

How can the theme not be correct? Thanks for your input but even if I open a previous website (created in RW7) where I used Voyager RW8 says ‘The theme you have selected does not support banner images’ even though it works fine and shows my replacement image, I just cannot add a new website and change the banner image with any theme?

(Dave) #9

OK folks, thx for you input but I may have a solution, I just created a completely new website and selected Voyager as the theme and I was able to change the banner so maybe I will just work on this and transfer everything, thanks for your input and I will return if this fails. Thanks again.

(Joe Martin) #10

Kinda sounds like you may have some css working…

(system) #11

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