RW8 Blog Problem with Images

We have a problem with pictures in blogs in RW8. When we add a new blog with a picture and we publish it, things are ok. But when we save the changes as a new version of the webpage, all pictures disappear and we have to add all pictures to all blogs manually back again. Could someone possibly help us what to do?

Can you contact the Realmac support for this? @dan ?

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Ok. Many thanks. And how to do it? Is there any email address?

Visible at: :slight_smile:

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Many thanks. I will do it now :-)…

This is a bug they’ve been working on in 8.1.

Are you running PlusKit in this particular project?

Many thanks. No I do not use PlusKit and I get preliminary version 8.1… It helps on one computer, but not on another…

It’s been an incredibly frustrating bug. I’m back on 7.5.5 until it gets resolved.

Why not duplicating the project inside the finder instead of ‘save as’?

This is the 1st time in this chat you’ve mentioned you’re using the proj on more than 1 Mac and even then only as a passing statement… it might have been useful earlier.

Are the images in resources (or whatever they’re now called in v8) ?
Where are the images stored, local hd, Dropbox, onedrive etc?

Dear Paul, in RW8 I realize, that if I put a picture in RW blog, it is automatically also in Resources… so it should be part of rw8 project. We synchronize rw projects through dropbox, pictures are stored locally… somehow but pictures disappear from resources and from blog… we did not have such problem with rw7 and 6… Blogpost that was done with rw6-7 are still there… so it must be Bug from rw8

No, images (or any content for that matter) in Resources are not ‘part of the project’, they are located in their original locations on your hd and ‘referenced’ by Resources, ie if you remove the original then resources will not be able to reference it.
You can enable a setting in the project that combines everything into one big project but I’ve never used it (nor resources) so I can’t remember it’s name.

Have a read of this thread from 2016 and see if sounds familiar Resource Links Broken When Synced to Second Computer

ok How it is possible that it works until now with rw7 and 6, 5…?

And how is it possible that even if the project is not synced with Dropbox, pictures disappear on the same computer? After hour or so…?

I help myself with Code like… <img src=“” alt=“Kabbalistische Kreuz Ritual” style=“float: right; margin: 10px 15px 15px 10px;” />

So, you never confirmed if you use the “Save as” new project option in RW8. Do you? Simple yes or no please…

We tried both, sometimes it helps, sometimes no… I have no idea why it sometimes works, sometimes not. We used to “save as” as well as “duplicate” and rename the project…

Don’t use the save as option, and see if the error appears again.

You have also posted this question on the RW4ALL Forum. You really should at a minimum, reference these cross post.
I have posted the “option” Paul referred to on the other forum.


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