RW8 Loses Blog Images

I have a website that I recently upgraded to RW8. I added about 5 blog entries in RW8 with an image for each. For some reason RW8 does not publish the blog images. Then when I go back to the edit mode the images are missing.

It’s interesting … when I drag and drop another copy of the image … then they both show up.

However, it still will not publish the new blog images.

If I show the Site Resources, then these new blog entry images are there. But not the hundreds I’ve added in RW7 and before.

Is it possible that RW8 changed how it manages resources?

Any ideas on how to rectify this issue?

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Additional info … if I save my RW8 Website, then reopen it, the images are missing …

It’s interesting, when I view source on RW8 … the appropriate <img …> tag is there.
I see the image files published in the correct place on my web server.

However, when I view source (in Chrome) on my website, the <img …> tags are missing. Only for the entries made on RW8 though.

Any thoughts?


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