RW8: Blue dots to right of pages?

Suddenly notice blue dots to the right of all my RW8 pages and subpages (see pic).
Older version of site file does not have these.
Anyone know what they are?

By older version I mean previously saved RW8 file of same site.

That means the page has changed and will publish. You more than likely changed something that has to do with the navigation like adding a page.

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That was it. All I did was change a forward domain on one of over 100 pages and it put dots on everyone until the change was published.


Rob Pennington

Anything that changes the nav will affect every page. and they will all republish the index page.
just an FYI, pressing the option key with the file menu open will allow you to mark all pages as unchanged, with no option key you can mark all as changed. You can also right click on any page and select publish to publish just that page.


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