Export doesn't seem to be working in RW7


I have just upgraded to RW 7 from RW6 and when i exported with RW6 to a local folder all was ok.
So this evening i opened an RW6 project i have been working on in RW7 made a few changes, saved the document in RW7 which was fine and then proceeded to export to the local folder, now before i would have the little blue dots next to the pages that i had updated, and i would publish and these blue dots would disappear, but this is not happening in RW 7. Is this normal???

Any help would be much appreciated.

All the best


The blue dots represent changes have been made. These are not cleared upon exporting to a local directory. They will disappear upon publishing to the server.

C. Henderson
Email: chashenderson@mac.com

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Hi Chas,

Many thanks for getting back, and i apologise for the delay in responding.

In fact in earlier version of RW it was the case that when you exported your site files to a local folder, for example C drive/documents/sites/Raddon (eg. my clients name) all the blue dots would disappear.
And as you say when you make any changes to a page the blue dot would return for the page being worked on, but disappear on export to my local folder AND of course publishing.
But in RW7 this is not the case, the blue dots are apparent on all pages and resources.

All rather strange.

I may put a support request in at RW about this.

All the best