RW8 hangs when do a update all stacks

I noticed that my RW8 would hangs every time I try to do a Update All stacks when there is 2 or more stacks to update. I have to force close and then update each stack manually instead to get it all to update without hanging.

Is there a proper way to update all stack without hanging or a bug?

Thank you

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It sounds like @TechBill is trying to update all of his 3rd party stacks, not update Stacks itself (which is what the other thread is about @PaulRussam).


Although this should never happen, it sometimes does – there are a few possibilities:

  1. If every update crashes then it’s likely something specific to the machine or the environment (like the add-ons folder doesn’t have write access after being restore from backup).

  2. If it’s just generally flaky – like it crashes ½ the time no matter what, then it’s probably time to do some housecleaning on your addons folder. I did a video about this a few weeks ago.

  3. When it’s a specific stack or a specific developer then it’s likely that a specific stack file on your machine – or that developers update info – is somehow corrupted or causing problems.

With more specific information about what is going on I can likely provide a bit more specific detail about what you should do to work around the problem – and also possibly even fortify Stacks against whatever strangeness is causing this crash.

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Yes, it’s the 3rd parties stacks which I am trying to update all at once. The stack itself is fine.

Thank you for the head up, I will keep a more closer eye on the next stack update to see if I can narrow it down to what causing the hang but the hang doesn’t occur when I do one at a time manually or when I try updating again after a RW restart and it would all update successfully.

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