RW8 not updating Stacks

Just purchased the upgrade for RW8. Haven’t been using RW since 2016 so I’m outta touch w/ it. The last version of Stacks I had was the upgrade for Stacks 3 in March 2016.

I installed Stacks 3.0.5 then it tells me RW8 isn’t compatible. It then prompts me asking if I’d like to check for updates. I do so and 3.6.1 pops up, I agree to update the add-on and restart. It hits me w/ the same thing again over and over!

Here’s screenshots of the pop ups:

You can get the latest version here. I always have the same updating issue so now I just manually install it.

Thanks! I just figured out how to manually install. I’m good now!

I’d recommend looking through your addons folder and making sure:

  • there is only one copy of Stacks installed
  • that it’s named “Stacks.rapidweaverplugin”
  • that other things in this folder look “OK” (no other garbage files or odd plugins)

Also: it’s a good idea to uninstall all plugins you aren’t using. Even if they aren’t being used, they’re still active in the system and can contribute to strange behavior.

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