RW 8 and Stacks

I just upgraded to RW 8 (from v6). It complained that it couldn’t find the Stacks plugin. I currently have Stacks v2.6.8. I moved Stacks from the location RW 6 used into the location that RW 8 uses. But when I run RW 8, it now says Stacks couldn’t be read. Is Stacks 2 not compatible with RW 8? I noticed that Stacks 3 says its compatible with RW 6 & 7, but no mention of 8. It makes me wonder what other stacks are no longer compatible. Any insights appreciated.

RapidWeaver 8 requires Stacks 3.latest and the rest of your addons will depend on the developers. You’ll need to check with them as you update your sites.

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More specifically Stacks v3.6.1 is required when using RapidWeaver 8. And since RapidWeaver 8 is brand new I would strongly recommend running the very latest version of Stacks too. At the time of this writing that’s Stacks v3.6.2 – we updated just a few days ago to add the ability to drag images straight from the new Resources window. :smiley:

We always work closely with Realmac Software and do months of beta testing and updates so that Stacks and RapidWeaver work smoothly together right from the very first day.

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