RW 8.8.3 update

After updating to RW 8.8.3 I appear to have lost all my plugins and unable to open my current website to work on it. Any suggestions to help retrieve the situation?

Looks as if Stacks is missing , but unable to reinstall (Using Stacks 3.6.9)

You can get older versions of stacks here Stacks
You’ll need the serial number. You can look that up on Yourheads site, link in the footer of each page.

Does anyone know if Stacks3 is compatible with latest release RW 8.8.3?
I can’t get any response from Yourhead.

No response from Yourhead but after upgrading to Stacks 4 all now OK
It would only have taken a polite reply to say Stacks 3 wasn’t compatible with latest OS 11.3.1

@steviegal Politeness comes in many forms. Apparently you sent your email during a weekend. People have personal lives, families, etc. I think waiting for a reply sometime on Monday would have been the truly “polite” thing to do.

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This forum becomes more preachy by the day…

It is very frustrating when software doesn’t behave the way we expect! There should have been a notation that Stacks 4 is required. He never stated anything about developers should NEVER get a day off.

I don’t know the answer to the question myself. Tagging @isaiah so hopefully he can respond directly here.

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