RW8 Resources missing from left panel where Pages and Settings are

(James Hayes) #1

Maybe I can’t figure it out, but Resources in no longer part of the left panel. I found the resource browser, but that is inconvenient compared to being able to see them in the left panel. A separate window without it being lockable is a loss of functionality and not an improvement.

Also, they are not autoupdating when I make changes. They used to be marked for upload automatically in prior versions.

(Rob D) #2

RW 8.1 is supposed to bring important improvements to the Resource panel, according to Dan.

As to whether the separate panel is an improvement in itself, I am still “on the fence”…

(B.V.Valeur) #3

Fully agree with JimH. To work with resources in RW7 was far more convenient than in RW8 and I would love to see Resources back in the left panel.

(system) #4

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