RW8 Smart publishing?

I manage a site with multiple news for topics and each news has an article and many photos, so far I have used RW6 and through the smart publishing option were updated only the latest news added on the blog. Now I bought the new version of RW8 but every time (I have done many tests with numerous sets) the publication lasts a lot and reloads all the files of the blog (14,000!).
Using Mojave and the latest version of RW. Can not use smart publishing with the new RW? For me it’s a disastrous situation …
sorry for my bad english

I doubt that anyone on the forum will be able to offer much useful or specific advice without having very detailed information about the project and what might be causing this problem. It might be wise to just send the project to the specific developer and ask for assistance.

Are you using the built-in blog page-type? Or some other plugin?

If you are using a specific plugin/addon etc – I would recommend sending your RapidWeaver project to that developer and asking for advice on how to get it to publish more efficiently.

If you’re using the built-in blog page, then I’d recommend flagging @dan and/or sending the project file to Realmac Software customer support

Thanks for the reply!
I’m using the built-in standard blog page. I also use the Plus-kit plug-in and with RW6 everything works. Obviously with RW8 I have updated plus kit but still the problem occurs even without the plus kit installed. I tried both with a single slot and with 6 but nothing changes.

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