.rwtheme versus .rapidweavertheme extension

Edit: I’ve been brave and simply removed the “old” .rwtheme-file, restarted RW7 and now, the new one shows up. Seems as if the installer would not replace the “old” theme with the new theme (extension .rapidweavertheme). Thus, it should be fine now…

Just a question that bugs me. In Waterfall, I found that the Multi†hemes themes show twice. Once with versioning, once without. I checked the folder where the themes reside and found out that each of the Multithemes themes is there twice with different extension: .rwtheme and .rapidweavertheme.

Although RW 5, 6 and 7 only use .rwtheme, those seem to be less up to date then the those with .rapidweavertheme extension.
I now checked for the latest theme update and found that the comes with .rapidweavertheme. That means that this then installed in addition to the “old” .rwtheme files. I now have two versions with two different extensions and RW7 automatically chooses the old theme with .rwtheme

What needs to be done to

  1. Get rid of the unrequired theme while still
  2. use the most actual theme and
  3. don’t screw the settings


Any idea?


HI @jsc, we’ve updated the extension of several themes in the latest upgrade.

The new version comes with a new Plist and we suggest you to erase all previous versions.
make sure to use the latest upgrade (extension .rapidweavertheme)

I’ll send you all links via PM as soon as possible.

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@jsc check your mail.

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VGot it!
Thanks a lot.
I’ll add to the post. Internet down right now

All sorted. Thanks for your help!