S4S ProGallery Help

(Bruce Kieffer) #21

@Mathew, As far as I can tell I have it correct. …/…/ is two directories back. WHen it’s correct will the gallery appear in RW in preview mode? I see nothing there. Please help with by showing me how to set this up. That’s what I need and how I will learn.

(Mathew Mitchell) #22

Bruce: Can’t help much right now as my hosting service is having problems. Based on memory:

  1. no you can’t preview in RW, you only see the result when published and at the relevant web page (this is true for most/all PHP driven stacks)
  2. I’m not sure this is a problem, but I see several folder names (e.g. 2004 to 2000 archive) that contain spaces. This typically can cause problems. I suggest renaming. I believe dashes are okay, so perhaps 2004-to-2000-archive.

I’ll try to look at this in my afternoon (it’s early morning where I live), but depending on hosting situation I may not be able to do anything more until tomorrow morning.

(Bruce Kieffer) #23

@Mathew, The info you are providing is helpful. Thanks. No rush. I’m heading to Vegas today! Won’t have too much time to work on it while I’m there. I’ll be busy having fun!

(Mathew Mitchell) #24

Bruce: Hopefully the screencast I created answers most of your questions. Here’s the link:

(Bruce Kieffer) #25

@Mathew, Super informative and very helpful movie. I can see a few things I have wrong in my ProGallery setup. I will make changes and test. Thanks very much for your time to help me.

(Bruce Kieffer) #26

@Mathew, I’ve tried everything I can think of. I made things as simple as possible, remove all spaces, caps, numbers from names, uploaded a JPG to make sure PNG was not the problem, placed the image folder in the same folder as the index.php file, but still does not work. Is it possible that my host has problems with php?

(steve bee) #27

Will has demo examples for of his stacks, so get it, upload it, and test it. Will have got the settings correct, so if his demo doesn’t work, it’s not the settings.

(Will Woodgate) #28

Simply email me the link to the page hosting ProGallery, the link to your directory hosting the images and some temporary FTP details. Then I can login and check your server is configured correctly with support for PHP and experiment with a relative path which will work for fetching your images. Either ProGallery is not compatible with your web server (which would be strange) or you’ve just made a mistake in the relative path.

Sometimes you can provide an absolute path, instead of a relative path. But I found some web servers do not support this and will throw an error message. So to prevent a lot of confusion, I just tell everyone that a relative path is needed. In server-side programming, relative paths are the norm for everything - because typically you are not trying to reference something outside of the domain.

In ProGallery 2 I hope to provide a basic ‘set link’ button where you can provide any link to a directory of images. Whether this change makes it to fruition depends on what I can get working reliability for the majority of users / server configurations.

(Mathew Mitchell) #29

Bruce: By far the best thing you can do at this point is work with Will to sort things out. He’s excellent.

But once the two of you figure out what the problem is, could you let us know? It may be helpful for others to know the problem and the solution.

(Bruce Kieffer) #30

Guess what. I got it to work! I was setting up and testing an FTP login for Will when I noticed both an index.html and index.php file. I deleted the index.html and then it worked. Thanks to everyone who helped me.

Now I see the benefits of warehousing. It is super fast.

(Mathew Mitchell) #31

Bruce: Congratulations! That pesky HTML and PHP files in the same folder can happen quite often and not just with ProGallery. I think I just make all my pages PHP now so I avoid the problem. But at the least there’s a great guideline for you:

If you can’t preview the page in RW then it’s a PHP page. That’s an alert to automatically check you don’t have both HTML and PHP versions of the same page at your hosting location.

Congrats again. Warehousing isn’t just fast, it makes it super easy to add, delete images from the relevant warehoused folder to update the specific contents for any ProGallery just using FTP software or Cpanel.