Photo album advice

Hi All, Can any one recommend a stacks photo album that can do the following

Cope with up to 150 images
Thumbnails that open larger
Ideally can support the drag and drop of multiple images

I have tried a few, some are buggy, others limit image no’s and with some you have to load one at a time, I have over 1800 images to load.
It would be a fantastic help if I could get the above features!

Hi! I liked my self image zoom and lightbox features of Nick Cates Photo.
It does not have a drag and drop for multiple images but has batch galleries feature and sounds like excatly what you need. Hope this helps! Check out more at:

You can take a look at or

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I would agree with David @thang and take a look at ProGallery From Stacks4stacks.
It has a CSV(Comma Separated Values) file option that would work great for large volumes.
Also has a free Demo version and great support.

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Have a look at Gallery Stack’s easy to use Web Folder Integration.

Just drop you photos inside a web folder (optionally generate your own thumbnails), and the photos will automatically be displayed as you required.


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It looks like you have a total of 1800 photos to viewed in albums up to 150.

Are they jpg, png or?
Are they compressed?

How are your photos stored - in a directory or Mac Photos or Lightroom or?
How are they named - random, sequential, or?
Do you need captions?

Hi There

Thanks for your reply.

All images are JPG, the file name needs to be the caption, images are currently stored on a folder on the hard drive.

Perfect, that’s also included.