ProGallery with separate thumbnail and slideshow images

Will Woodgate suggested to me the following: “Of note also, some of the image sources in ProGallery let you specify separate thumbnail and slideshow images. So if your thumbnail images are made smaller, the page will load much, much quicker. You can still use the hi-res images for the slider itself.”

Sounds like a good idea to me and I’d like to try it. Unfortunately, so far I have not been able to work out how to do it, except by using a CSV file as Will shows on the ProGallery product page. I’d prefer to just have separate folders of full size images and thumbnail images. But then I would need a way of telling ProGallery to use one folder of images for thumbnails and another folder of images for the slide show. I cannot find a way of doing that.

Has anyone experience in doing this in ProGallery?

Just use the “Single Warehoused Image” option. It allows for different thumbnail and main images, and you specify which file for each, so there’s no problem of using one folder of images for thumbnails and another folder of full size images for the slide show.


Take a look at this page and RW screenshot. I do exactly that with my film poster layouts:


Thanks for the suggestion, but doesn’t that mean entering each image separately, and captioning them separately? Whereas using the Image Directory option allows ProGallery to do the whole directory at once and also to generate captions from the file names.


Yes, you’ll have to ask @willwood about that, specifically. I don’t have large numbers of images in one slideshow.

Well I have asked him how to do it but he didn’t get back to me yet. I guess I’ll wait and see…

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He’s amazing about support, but if it involves anything outside of basic support for his products, he may charge for his time. He’s also in the UK, though, so not sure what time zone you’re in… I’m in California and he usually gets back to me in the middle of the night :slight_smile: He also monitors when you tag him here, which I did.

He is amazing, but I think that this time he’ll just tell me I can’t do that! (That is, have automatic gallery generation plus captioning while using a separate thumbnail folder.) Oh well, I did implement the other suggestion he made to speed up my page loading; reduce my file size. That improved matters considerably.

Like you, I’m on Pacific Time (British Columbia), so I have to wait too.

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LMAO… He tells me I can’t do things all the time. Sometimes he adapts his stacks for me :slight_smile: I do love him though, seriously the best support in the RW community.

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Well he did tell me (by email) that I can’t do that. He also explained why:

“When I was originally developing ProGallery, I did have two ‘set link’ buttons for the thumbnail and lightbox images. However the process was reliant on people suppling matched pairs of images for the thumbnail and lightbox images. If one of the images were missing or could not be read, it threw the whole sequence out (the thumbnails would point to the wrong lightbox image). So to provide safeguards, I stuck with just a single image source for both the thumbnails and lightbox images. It was simpler and safer that way.”

But he’s thinking about offering something in the future.

Currently the recommended way is to use the CSV file but that doesn’t appeal to me.

But with reduced file sizes the Image Gallery approach works pretty well. So I’m satisfied. Problem solved.

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