Safari9 + ElCapitan - CSS3 animations do not work?

In Safari 8 (Yosemite) the CSS3 animations work well, as in Firefox.
In Safari 9 (El Capitan) they no longer work.

Try the different “page load effects” in this Rapidweaver Theme site:

Safari 9 on Yosemite doesn’t work either.

I know that this sounds lame, but have you tried restarting your Mac? I had a user that was having problems with some animations on their site. They restarted their Mac and the problems had corrected themselves. This may not be the case in this situation, but it may not hurt to try.

I have two Mac, a MacPro 2013 and a MacPro 2009.
Both updated to El Capitan + Safari 9 and restarted many times in these days.
But I just restarted again… the same, no CSS3 animations in Safari 9.

Thanks for bring up this issue, I see it, I’m on it! Standby…

Now fixed in Dashboard 1.2.1

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Nick, did you already update the site? I still can’t see any animations, so I guess the site is still the old version?

Just an FYI that I’m not seeing them in Safari either, but am in Chrome. El Capitan & Safari 9.0

I doubt Nick has updated that demo site to 1.2.1 yet.

I have republished a site using Dashboard 1.2.1 and the animations are indeed active again in Safari 9 on Yosemite.

Dashboard demo now updated with the fix as well: