Rapidweaver 8 doesn't work with El Capitan?

I just upgraded Rapidweaver from version 7 to 8, using Mac OS 10.11.6 El Capitan. Everything seems to be working fine so far. But wait! It just came to my attention that the minimum requirement is OS 10.12. WHAT? I swear I saw a statement from Realmac just before the release of Rapidweaver 8 that El Capitan was supported.

So should I not use version 8 with El Capitan? Or is it actually okay? Unfortunately my computer cannot be upgraded past El Capitan, so that is out.

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This is from the RW8 release blog post.

I’m pleased to say we’ve managed to ensure RapidWeaver 8 will run great on everything from macOS 10.11 through to macOS 10.14!

Maybe something has changed since the initial blog post?

Right Neil, that is what I remember seeing. However, on the Rapidweaver site it states 10.12 and up. That is why I am looking for clarity.

Yes, I think this was quietly changed at some point (Dan, what’s the story? :thinking: ) … I haven’t bothered with v8 yet until it becomes more stable though.

You can find several posts online stating 10.11 compatibility (https://9to5mac.com/2018/08/09/rapidweaver-8-update/) for example - and when I bought the upgrade day-one, I saw no warnings regarding the OS requirements (I use 10.14 & 10.11.6 also).

Hi I must say after many difficult years on RW, V8 is extremely stable.

Im running it on El capitan 10.11.6 and have done since V8 launch day. I wouldn’t have upgraded as its the last OS i can run illustrator on,

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I must admit, I’m just being super cautious and would rather wait until 8.1 to iron a bunch of bugs out :yum:
…so maybe v8 works ok on 10.11? - why does RealMac now state otherwise I wonder?

re old Adobe software: that’s why I have a 10.11 iMac (for CS5.5), but I have just recently managed to get my old CS5.5 software working on a 10.14 machine (though only lightly tested)…

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Yes Steve, I too did not see any warnings about OS requirements when I bought the upgrade. This leaves me in an uncertain position as to whether to continue using Rapidweaver 8, as there may be problems.

Will someone from Realmac make an official statement about this issue please?

Hey everyone! I can understand the confusion here. 10.11 should run RW8, but because it’s an older OS, we can’t guarantee 100% compatibility. That said, we have a handful of users that have had no issues running it on 10.11. I’m not sure of the complexity of their sites, however.

Taken from our FAQ:

We’ve built RapidWeaver 8 so that it runs on 10.11, but this is unsupported, and due to the OS being fairly old you may encounter a few issues. We recommend you run RapidWeaver on the most up-to-date OS that you can.



Thanks for the response Aaron. However, that is quite different than the Realmac blogpost that said:
“I’m pleased to say we’ve managed to ensure RapidWeaver 8 will run great on everything from macOS 10.11 through to macOS 10.14!”

That is quite a switch from “will run great” to “runs on 10.11, but this is unsupported”.

Admittedly Rapidweaver 8 appears to run fine on OS 10.11, so far. What concerns me is that I may invest a lot of further time and effort on my website, only to find some problem later on. I guess I will have to decide if I want to take a leap of faith and use version 8, or go back to version 7.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve not encountered any issues - that’s what our dev team worked hard to ensure. We amended the statement as MacOS is now at 10.14 - that’s 3+ years of major MacOS versions difference. Using logic we can say there’s bound to be something that doesn’t agree with RW8 + 10.11 setup. It may come down to a plugin that causes issues because it uses a technology only available in macOS 10.14, for example. It’s just a friendly reminder!

I have CS6 on El Cap, and am therefore hanging on to that OS as long as I can.

But wondering if you had to do anything special to get CS5 to work on Mojave?

HI there, I did some googling at the time and found this:

which is quite helpful.

I downloaded the CS5.5 installer from adobe and got a copy of the older Java installer… something else happened while installing (sorry can’t remember), but it all seems to work fine - though as mentioned, I haven’t used the apps that heavily to be 100% sure there’s no big issues.

That is a very comprehensive article. I will need to plow though it.

But for now, thank you so much for passing it along.

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