Sandboxing with MAMP - upload errors


I want to sandbox my current “rwproject” using MAMP. I have setup permissions in system preferences etc. correctly and started MAMP prior to publishing to


Then testet connections in RW-bookmark manager successfully (“Connections test successful”). But when I try to publish the project, I receive an error:

“Could’t upload to your FTP server: Access denied to remote resource”

The credentials are setup correctly, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you for helping,

I haven’t actually tried publishing a site to MAMP but I have exported sites for viewing in MAMP and then had problems getting Armadillo to set up correctly. I found that the permissions kept getting changed (don’t know why). I found that the quickest way to fix them was in my FTP program (Transmit). I hope you find this helps.

Thank you for your reply, Peter.

When using export I had no problems, however, I want to use “publish” because I when making changes it should only publish the changes to my local sandbox.

Anybody else knows this situation?

hi there @sushlinger, the best way to work with MAMP is to head over to joe workan and watch the very extensive video he did on MAMP. it tells you everything you need to know. i use it on almost every site i am creating. i export my project to my desktop and than call it up with MAMP. works beautifully. but go and check out joe’s video, it gives you all the beef.
greetings, tomas


CMD-E will export changes only to your default folder.


Yes, exporting changes only is quicker than publishing.

Oh really? I didn’t know that, thank you so much for your good advice and the hint with CMD+E and default folder! Made my day :smile: