WAMP & MAMP Use with Rapidweaver projects

I piped in on a thread about sharing a homepage without publishing,
but decided that just maybe I was drifting off the OP’s topic too much.


This is an angle that doesn’t come up much.

Is it any harder using MAMP with RW than with Wordpress?

If MAMP works for all PHP needs / SQL databases, etc.,

…then it should be a prominent mention for people developing their sites
who don’t want to go prematurely live during the process!

I see there is a single site version of WAMP/MAMP for free.
To apply it to more than one project site - you have to buy the PRO version.

  • What is the difference between publishing to a local folder vs MAMP?

  • How hard is it to move a website from local to the server?

  • Can I use MAMP to play with SiteLok & Armadillo locally, check out the features before publishing to a server?

The free version will run as many sites as you wish. The Pro version allows you to run multiple servers. So unless you want to run different versions of PHP or MySQL at the same time the free version should be fine.

I run MAMP all the time, I set mine up using a different directory then the default, easy to do and easy to find. I then publish locally to a folder within that folder for each site. I have the local server bookmarked and I get a directory of the site folders. Just click on the folder and you have the home page.

You can also put htaccess rules in to display errors test passwords etc. can’t test redirects.

As far as armadillo goes I have done that in the past. There was some special set up and it’s on their website.
Site lock should work but don’t know for sure with the per domain license but I’m sure you can contact them to find out.
MAMP runs real PHP and MySQL not an emulator so it should run.
As for publishing you can republish from RW to the server or use an FTP program to publish from your local directory.

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Thanks, Doug.

I’ve used MAMP briefly when I was going to publish another site in Wordpress.
It was painless to publish to the local folder then.

Though I am not well versed in how complicated MAMP might be to use with RW. I’ve never published to a server after screwing around with MAMP & WP; did not want a new tangent on my day. Your comments help.

If MAMP does work well with RW & Armadillo, I wonder why more people don’t use it. I will have to give it another try, I think, as I am finding it ugly to publish every time I make a change or two, to see what happened, or didn’t. At this point I need some successes for my effort.

Ohhh. Don’t mistake SiteLok for Site Lock!! The first is pretty cool in concept, the second is a hosting operation (?) that doesn’t get favorable reviews. I asked about it here right after I bought SITELOK & left a few people up in arms correcting me hurriedly!

SiteLok, unless you buy more licenses, is for a single domain (additional licenses are discounted).
I suppose it shouldn’t confound anything. I don’t want to go down TOO many paths simultaneously & have it hard to figure out what is causing failures, if there are any.

I know very little about htaccess.
(Obviously, I am not making money at this, or setting up sites for other people!)