Sandwich Files, Dropbox, and RW8

Howdy Weavers- I believe this was managed a long time ago, but want to be sure before I move my RW8 files around.

Is it ok to keep RW8 files 8 on dropbox (or similar)? A long while ago, this was considered a NoNo. Is it ok now?

While I’m on the topic, I moved my addins folder to DB as well. Is this ok or any danger there?

Many thanks!

Been doing it for years with no problems, I’ve had DB since 2009 and I store everything in there and use 2 mac’s and 2 Windowz machines regularly.

Ditto. I’ve had no problems. The only situation where you need to be careful is if you go from one machine to another and start up RW before all has been synced. This has never proved to be a problem in my case. But once in awhile when I return home from work I see Dropbox is still syncing files. I just wait until that sync is done (typically under 1 minute) before I start up and use RW.

Kewl. Thanks guys. A lot of years ago (probably over 5ish), RW sandwich files did not play well with DB. Thought I’d remembered it being “fixed” and am glad to see its good to go.

Thanks for the quick reply and have a nice weekend.

I have been storing RW sandwich files on Drobox for over 5 years, with only ever two issues. The BIGGEST thing to remember is wait for syncing to happen on all computers, do not have a project open on two computers at a time, and if you have a laptop, NEVER just shut your laptop after saving a RW sandwich file, be sure it syncs before closing the laptop.

All good tips. Thanks for the additional info.

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