Scandinavian letters

On my website I have a table (FlexTable) containing names of the members I have made the site for. I have the table in Resources as a csv file. The problem is that the Scandinavian letters “æ, ø and å” (the 27th, 28th and 29th letters in the Norw. alphabeth) show up in the table as symbols. I don’t have this problem anywhere else on my site.
Anybody out there with a solution ?

There must be a different font used which doesn’t have support for these characters.

Yes, but why does it not affect the whole site?

Perhaps your CSV file does not accept latin-extended font subset? Maybe you need to substitute Scandinavian characters with their corresponding markup? See if this article is of any help.

Thanks. Will check it out.

This is what I do to include some non-standard Latin characters in my web pages:

  1. Press Command+Control+SpaceBar to open “Show Emoji & Symbols”;
  2. “Add to Favorites” all necessary characters from “Latin” section;
  3. Double-click a specific character in the “Favorites” section to inject that character at the cursor position in my text. That’s it.

This is not the most efficient way to deal with this issue by any means, but I haven’t found a better one, so far. Otherwise, you will have to hand-code each and every non-standard character, which is even less efficient.

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Thank you very much. Will try this out.

Hi, @bamse6540, did this method work for you?

Thanks vm, Rovertek, for showing interest in my problem. I’m still trying to make it work and will report back to you when/if I succeed.