Something wrong with Unicode S-O-L-V-E-D

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I have upgraded my project from From rw5 to rw7 and it seems that some Lithuanian characters are not displayed correctly. My published project:

I also tried to replace this displaying symbol " ؤ—" witch has to be “Ė” by a unicode “&#278 ;” and it worked. But for sure, I’m not going to replace all of the chacarcters with unicode’s.

Can someone help with this issue? :slight_smile: Please :slight_smile:

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Facebooks pixel was somehow affecting encoding

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Hi, Janis,

If you can use Google fonts, try Noto Sans, Noto Serif and Noto Display fonts. They are supposed to work across all languages and alphabets with no need for encoding language-specific characters.

I use them with Polish language and they work fine. To type them into my project, I have to use a workaround, which is not the ideal solution, but it works for me. I open “Emoji & Symbols” (Command+Control+Space Bar). In the window that opens I choose ‘Latin’ set of characters, I select all characters that are specific for the chosen language and add them to ‘Favorites’.

Emoji & Symbols

Once this is done, I just double-click a specific character to add it to my text in RW.

BTW, if anybody has a better/faster way of typing in non-standard and foreign-language characters, I am open to suggestions…

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