Stack Wanted: countdown for an online quiz

Hello All

I’m wondering if anyone has a recommendation for a stack that can register when a user opens the page, starts a timer, and closes the window in a given time. I’m looking to create some online quizzes for teaching, and would like to put a time limit on them. So for example, if they have 20 minutes to do the quiz, there might be a countdown clock, then the page closes if they don’t submit their answers in time.

I’ve used Tardis by Joe Workman in the past, but that seems more for restricting the actual time that a page will display. Handy, and I use it often, but not exactly what I need in this case.

Let me know if anyone has heard of such a thing.

Is this a possibility? (Google Forms with hard stop script)!topic/docs/zWqx7yCs4Yg

Have you checked commercial “quiz” software (scripts?) You can place these “in” a RW page.

Thanks Greg, that’s interesting. I don’t think it will work, as I’m using a quiz I designed using another RW stack. So my quiz works well already as far as the basic setup and functionality, I just need a timer as a kind of add-on to my existing structure. But I really appreciate the thought. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


Pete Johnston

Yeah… I saw you weren’t getting any response so thought I’d perhaps make a suggestion. I did use Google Docs once to make an online quiz and it worked out well. But I understand your position.

Too bad Expiry stack (and similar) doesn’t have a dynamic variable that could be set upon a button click, page load, or other live event.

Checkout this conversation… Don’t know if it’s a possibility or not. Are you capturing each reply as made? You’d have to be sure replies are not “lost.” You can refresh to a new page after “x” seconds…

Joe Workman does a stack that after a certain settable period of time will redirect to another page :

I use it on a landing page to redirect to the main page after a few seconds:
If your quiz is on multiple pages then this is perfect (though it won’t give you any type of countdown)
But I also think that if your page has markers (MagicGellan for example) then you could/maybe/hopefully auto advance to another part of the same page by setting #marker in your redirect path in the stack.

Maybe the OP could combine that functionality with a simple countdown stack - 1LD has one and so does Doobox - that’s manually set up to the same time as Joe’s auto-refresh stack. Bit of a kludge but it could work.

Thanks everyone. It seems like this stack-combination could do the trick. I’ll give it a try. Really appreciate the help!