I am very confused about a certain issue I am having. I purchased Screes Stack from Joe Workman two days ago. I took a look at the demo file, that comes included in the purchase, which actually works flawlessly. So I decided to replicate the exact settings into a new project (RW 8.2.1) to build my custom 1-page website. When I replicated the exact settings from the demo file to RW 8.2.1, it did not scroll the page like the demo file provided. If I turn off SNAP SCROLL then the page scrolls fine but I want the page to snap to each page, that’s why I bought it in the 1st place, plus the full page header. Another thing that doesn’t work is the links to each page, even though I followed the exact video instructions Joe has provided on his YouTube channel. I asked for an explanation and got back a very short 1 sentence reply of “I think what you want is to turn off Snap Scroll inside of the main Screens stack” and that reply did not help one bit since I explained to him that is what I did in the 1st place to get the page to scroll.
I was told by Joe to go online and look up videos and docs and all that in his email reply, in fact, it’s his signature in the email, which I did, and had no problem doing so. But still, after all the research I did, I have found no solution to this issue. I asked for a refund but Joe would not give one.
I just want to know why it works flawlessly in the demo file and when replicated dose not work in RW 8.2.1 which is the newest update to Rapid Weaver. If I could just get that question answered I would be happy and go away @joeworkman .

So in your last forum post, I’m pretty sure you set a world record for getting a thread closed and unlisted. You even threatened people in this very community. Wow.

Even after all that, I emailed you via my support and told gave you some steps to do and I would get back to you after I finished some other work.

Instead, you have chosen to slander me publicly here as well as in several of my YouTube videos. I am done with you sir. I have refunded your purchase. Good luck with your life. I am sorry that you are having a bad day.


Yes, I did post on your YouTube page trying to get your attention. However after I did so I removed the post. That was taking things too far and I do apologize with that type of unprofessional behavior. But I did not threaten anyone on the forum.
I told Paul, who put me down, that if he knew who he was speaking to he would not want to continue because I have lawyers and I am not afraid of pushing them into situations out of my control. Which I felt attacked in this situation when trying to voice my
opinion. You can be done all you want. That’s not a big deal to me as I will still be purchasing and using other products from your online store.

@Propheceed Welcome to the community! :slightly_smiling_face: You definitely came in with a bang. :exploding_head:

If you have an issue with a product/developer/etc it’s usually best to work with the designer/developer. Please realize each developer is human, and is bound to be imperfect (not reply quick enough, use the words you want, etc).

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