Foundry Reveal & BWG Sections Stacks Not Working In RW8

Converted an RW7 Site to RW8 and the content inside Foundry Reveal & BWG Sections Stacks isn’t showing in preview mode or on publishing. Scroll down button in Foundry Banner stack not working either.

Hey there @kdjkn

I just build a quick test of the Foundry Banner stack, in Hero mode, using the scroll down button and all seems to be working A-OK here in RapidWeaver v8. Here’s a quick video showing what I see:

Perhaps you’ve got a conflict of some wort on your page. Build a quick test page, or use this one I made, using just basic Foundry stacks to see if you’re having the problem with only the Banner stack or if it might be a conflict with another addon that is causing your problem.

Addendum – I forgot you all mentioned Reveal in your original post, so I added Reveal to this test page as well. I’m not seeing any problems with it in RW 8 either. Download this test project or build your own and let me know the results:

@Elixir I’m wondering if it’s on converted RW7 to RW8 projects? (I mean it shouldn’t be, but that’s the only thing I can think of right now).

And by “converted” you mean an RW7 project that is opened in RW8 — then exported and saved from there. Correct?

Or is there some more explicit “covert” procedure?

I just recreated the same page in RW 7, then loaded it in RW 8 and it works as expected. Here’s the RW 7 project file if anyone wants to use it as a test:

So @Fuellemann sent me a project file as a test, that also did not work for me. I turned off Minify CSS & Javascript in the Advanced settings and things began functioning again. Odd thing is, in my test projects, both the one created in RW 8 and the one imported from RW 7 into RW 8, have this setting enabled and function as they should.

Thanks Adam. To turn off Minify CSS & Javascript in the Advanced settings was the solution for me. Now it might be for you and @dan to see why this happend. Please tell me if you need any other versions of my testfiles…

Thanks again,

Send those projects to Dan, please if you will.

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RW8 and Foundry working perfectly fine for me. I use Banner a lot with scroll down button. Zip problems on preview or publish. Not using BWG Sections Stacks though.

As advised I turned off Minify CSS & Javascript and as if by magic, the site worked properly. Bit of a bug there guys.

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Okay, so that workaround works for now, but we’ll be issuing a new build of RapidWeaver 8 later today that will fix this and a few of the other minor issues that have cropped up today!

Stay tuned, we got this :slight_smile:



Thanks Dan. You guys are on the ball! :smiley:

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