Scrolling in edit mode is tedious


I’m doing a simple website for someone but for some reason the scrolling in edit mode is tediously shocky and slow. I am using Rapidweaver 8 with Foundry Stacks on a late 2017 27" iMac i7 with plenty of HDD space (3Tb) and 32Gb of internal memory.
On the home page for instance, I have a Navigation Stack, a Banner Stack (hero with image and locked to background), a Header Stack, a Navigation Overlay Stack, a Scroll to the Top Stack, a Container Stack with a 2 Column Stack with some Headers and Paragraphs in them, another Banner Stack (Non hero, Image, and locked to background) and a Footer. Scrolling in edit mode is ridiculously slow and shocky, however Preview Mode seems to be fine.
Is there a clever chap or indeed a chapette amount you who can shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance


I’ve the same machine and have/had the same experience. After a lot of testing and some upgrades I concluded it’s the machine. Its woefully under powered in the graphics dept to run that screen.

Two things…

  1. Reduce the size of the Rapidweaver window. The smaller it is the better the scrolling in edit mode.

  2. @1LittleDesigner Boost stack. This forces the mac to work in ways it’s not meant to, in terms of redraws or summit, but it also means edit mode in RW is workable.

Be warned: With the Boost stack you may get some weird display issues with some stacks from time to time, like text and content upside down and back to front etc. But I find it’s a worthy trade off.

Stacks 4.1 improved things a bit, and might mean you don’t need the Boost stack, but for me RW became a crashy mess with 4.1 so I’m still on 4.0 4. (There is a fix for the coming soon I’m told).


Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. You speak about Stacks 4.1, what does that refer to? Has it got to do with Foundry Stacks, or the RW standard stacks?

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