Why is my page so slow in edit mode?

Hi all,

My problem page is here: http://www.transparentimages.com/glass_art_bowls/

I have a page with plenty of stacks on it, including topbox trigger stacks.

Most of the images are warehoused.

I’ve udpated as much of the software as I can so I’m using Rapidweaver 6.3.3, Stacks 3 and the Blueball Responsive Freestack Theme.

My issue is that I’m getting quite a long delay whenever I edit anything on my page, and I don’t know if it’s because of all the stacks, or if there is another problem on the page that I can’t see.

If I copy or delete anything I get a 5-25 second delay each time. I get at least a 12 second delay going from edit to preview.

Can anyone take a look and see if there’s anything obvious going on?

I should add that this page was slow BEFORE upgrading Rapidweaver and Stacks 3.

@gabrielle: it’s probably impossible to make a worthwhile guess at what thing among many is causing a problem. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. My suggestion would be to make a copy of the page (or of the whole project) and start deleting items from from it. Try to remove as many things from the page – while keeping the problem intact – when you have removed most of the haystack, the needle will be much easier to find.

See if there is any particular stack that is causing the problem. Then go from there – perhaps contact the developer (or send the file to me if it looks like it’s a Stacks bug).


I used to have this problem with a page that sued font-awesome. From what I can gather it was pulling in all the font-awesome data each time I used any stack that used it. When I removed that stack the performance changed dramatically. Please don’t ask me why font-awesome would do that but that was what the stack was using.

Do you remember which font awesome stack you were using?!

@britinusa - custom fonts can be very slow to load. it is not exactly surprising. i would recommend contacting the developer of this stack in particular. perhaps they are unaware of the performance impact it is having.

To be honest I dont even know what font awesome is. I’m using the Blueball Freestack Theme but I’m not knowingly using font awesome unless it’s being used automatically. I’ve just checked my theme and it’s mostly verdana :-).

Its inside the TopBox stacks:

You are pulling in that HREF about 58 times on your page

The TopBox stack has an option to include the font-awesome in the settings, if you are not using font-awesome then I suggest switching this off in every instance of the TopBox stack and see if that makes a difference.

I think that if you do need the font-awesome then you only need to select it on the first use of TopBox stack and not on all of them

I turned off the font awesome option but what I found was:
a. No improvement in speed, and
b. I lost the forward/back buttons on my pop ups, which I need.

So I’ve turned font awesome back on.

I think I’ll just live with it for now.

If you come over to our Slack board (http://slack.yourhead.com) and give me a zip file for your file and your RW addons folder in a private message I’d be happy to do the work (the procedure that I mentioned above) to find the culprit.

Its actually the +last+ use of TopBox on the page that you need to select for font-awesome. Thats been working for me, and is what is said in the TopBox doc. Haven’t tried it as you mentioned above with selecting FA on the first TopBox stack, so can’t say if that works or not. But FA is needed for the forward/back arrows in the TopBox pop ups. Also, you need to have “part of a gallery” selected in each TopBox stack on the page, and they have to have the same gallery name. Hope that helps.