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… I used CosCulture’s Scrollbar Stacks successfully … but for some time the scrollbar horizontal function has stopped working.

My question: do you know another Stack that would perfectly fulfill this function (see picture below)?

Thank you for your help… :wink:

Take a look at weaverskingdom, defligra or shaking the habitual. Or look into sliders with an option for how many slides can viewed, weavium has a slidetastic stack that may work as well.

You can do this with the Jack stack by Joe Workman. You can see it on the preview page here:


Thank you very much for your lighting … :wink:

I’ll take a look: thank you for your help… :wink:

I have 19 stacks horizontal scrolling, is there a way to automatically scroll to the centre or a particular stack rather than left align?

I do not believe so, there are really no settings for this in the stack. Joe is releasing a new stack soon that might have this possibility though…

Thank you. Looking forward to the new stack.


Be on the lookout for Horizon… later this summer.

Thank you for the suggestion, will try trial version.

On the lookout.

Hello, and thank you all for your feedback. Many thanks !..

I chose DeFliGra’s LandScape Scroll Stack, which came with GoRight Stack (at the same price).
The author of these Stacks told me that there was no Javascript or jQuery: its development is pure CSS! … :wink:

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