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… I used CosCulture’s Scrollbar Stacks successfully … but for some time the scrollbar horizontal function has stopped working.

My question: do you know another Stack that would perfectly fulfill this function (see picture below)?

Thank you for your help… :wink:

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Take a look at weaverskingdom, defligra or shaking the habitual. Or look into sliders with an option for how many slides can viewed, weavium has a slidetastic stack that may work as well.

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You can do this with the Jack stack by Joe Workman. You can see it on the preview page here:

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Thank you very much for your lighting … :wink:

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I’ll take a look: thank you for your help… :wink:

(Phil) #6

I have 19 stacks horizontal scrolling, is there a way to automatically scroll to the centre or a particular stack rather than left align?

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #7

I do not believe so, there are really no settings for this in the stack. Joe is releasing a new stack soon that might have this possibility though…

(Phil) #8

Thank you. Looking forward to the new stack.

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(Joe Workman) #10

Be on the lookout for Horizon… later this summer.

(Phil) #11

Thank you for the suggestion, will try trial version.

On the lookout.

(studiozellige) #12

Hello, and thank you all for your feedback. Many thanks !..

I chose DeFliGra’s LandScape Scroll Stack, which came with GoRight Stack (at the same price).
The author of these Stacks told me that there was no Javascript or jQuery: its development is pure CSS! … :wink:

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