Some help making this scroll horizontally please!


I haven’t used RW in a while, but its that time of year again when my number one client (my husband) needs to up date his site.

He wants me to extend his portfolio page horizontally, keeping the layout the much the same; i.e. just make the area which has the rollover images in it scroll-able horizontally.

Here is the page: PORTFOLIO

I have used a combination of things for this page (probably making it harder than I need but it works and my brain was able to sort it that way)

Its a Blocks page with Text blocks for each section of the portfolio image. Each Text Block has an @import command, linking it to Hoverbox stack element for the rollovers.

I’ve tried a couple of things:
Make a third @import page which imports a page which contain just the content as explained above. With the thought that I will then be able to constrain the size of div this content sits in. But this doesn’t seem to work, no images are showing (all images are warehoused)
Make a HTML Block and then add the Text Blocks inside - I knew this wouldn’t work but tried anyway.
In each case I was going to add this CSS to the inspector:

.portframe { overflow: auto; }

Neither attempt has yielded any results, hence asking you lovely people!

A quick apology too - with the launch of the new forum I’ve also posted there too.

Thank you for any help you can offer


Have you tried this stack?

Thank you jspencer2, I’ll give it a whizz and see what happens!