Member list, database or flat file solution?

Hi guys,

I am new to RW as my wife needs a few simple webpages, one for her private business, one for her sorority and one for a private organisation to promote women in the railway industry.

One requirement is a simple login function: Which add-on would you recommend for this?

Another requirement is the following: The potential users should be able to fill in a form with a couple of basis data like name, date of birth, select the sorority (more than one selection possible), occupation (free form), qualification (free from) etc. Could this be done with a flat file solution or would you recommend a database solution (number of users below 1,000). Which add ons are best here?
Members should be searchable by any criteria.

Once one has filed for membership automatic emails to the respective admins of the selected sororities should be send.

A friend of my wife started to implement everything in WP but the look of the websites needs improvement, the functionality is not 100 percent there and my wife can’t even correct simple typos as some plugins were outdated etc.

Any help and/or hint would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


Hi Woolfgang

Vibralogix Sitelock will enable you to lock web pages behind a login. It is very powerful so might be a little overkill for your requirements.

I use Formloom for my forms as the form data can write direct to a google sheet. As you are looking at membership of less than 1000 then the sheet will work fine. Formloom can also save to a MySQL database as well.

Formloom cannot email different people depending their choice of sorority though. I’m not aware of any RW Form stack that can do that.



Definitely look at Vibralogix Sitelock for this.

Another good alternative is PHP Jabbers Membership script.

Sitelok integrates with RapidWeaver:


@vibralogix Adrian, might have plugins for Sitelok available that will do most of what you want.

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