Searching for 3 sub level Responsive Theme


I had website with a few sublevel and many pages built in CA Diamond Theme,
I want to find a new responsive Theme that work well on the mobil phone as well as computer.

On computer for the type of info I would like the menu display horizonal.
And that also displayed at least the first sublevel.
On the Mobil divise,
That the Menu disapair, and also show the submenu level, but not every page!
From my research i found many responsive themes vary the look like, But not that handle many pages, 3 sublevels, and dsiplay submenu on computer.
For example Geometric by Elixir, does all what i need, at least display one sublevel on computer and on mobil ok for handling many pages, but the PROBLEM is that only allow one sublevel.

I hope somepone could help me, I am not a porgrammer, and i built my website

many thanks