Seasonal content stack

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I’m looking for a stack that will allow me to display content only during summer months, for example. Now, I see some stacks like Expiry from Stacks4Stacks allows one to display content UNTIL or FROM a certain date. I’m looking for a stack that allows conditional display based on the month.

So in theory, I could have content that is displayed annually in June, July and August, for example without any further intervention from me. Does anyone know of a stack that could do this?

If you’d be interested in a stack like this too, please add a +1 to this thread, perhaps a developer sees this and decides to come up with a solution! :slight_smile:


Take a look at Tardis by Joe Workman. You can see a video here of what it does.

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Great stuff, thanks @Zeebe.

You could consider the TimeRelease stack too:

Great, thanks for the tip, @anon32573436!

Maybe this stack

Thanks @rolisize, but that one is based on daily office hours, not months etc. Thanks for the suggestion though!