Section Pro 2 and overlays on hover

I am using BWD Section Pro 2 and Section Box from @tav to create overlays.

So I have three images that are lined up vertically on the page. the top and bottom work correctly with some problems but the overlay is intact. The middle is not getting the overlay on hover. I can’t figure out why. The are all identical except for box id which is 1.2.and 3 in that order. anybody see why? I have copied them out to a sep project but same results.

you can see it at

second issue is making the text inside responsive on MOB. I am just using paragraph plus in this foundation project should just work. but it looks terrible. suggestions welcome.

Hi @ze3b There are quite a few things wrong in your setup. Could you please send me a project file to the BWD support email and I will sort it out and explain what I did.

Please make a new project file with just the Sections containing your hover captions in it (i.e. just copy that to a page in a new project) so that it is not too large.

if you could also explain exactly how you would like it to look that would help - do you want the captions to cover the images completely?, do you want the images to zoom out of their container as they do now? - just let me know your ideal configuration and we’ll get you up and running.

Paragraphs inside the captions will size according to the font sizing in Site Styles or their custom sizing. I would strongly recommend using Paragraph Pro though from now on. It is the replacement for Paragraph Plus and gives you a lot more options for sizing, especially when used in captions.

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