Sections Mask issue

So, I’m trying to use Sections Mask from BWD.

I’ve placed a Sections Pro stack on my page, added 2 Sections Mask stacks - one for the top, one for the bottom - and added my content in between the two Mask stacks - just using a Blueprint stack with some content inside that. I added a child Background Stack to the parent Section.

Anyway, it doesn’t perform as expected. The whole section just scrolls up or down - the pic included. I would expect the background pic to stay put and the page scroll around it.

However, if I cut and paste the sample from the Sections Pro RW demo file from BWD, it works fine. The only thing I noticed that was different is that the stack from the demo file uses a Sections Background (Legacy) Stack.

Any ideas why it wouldn’t work with the child stacks included with Sections Pro? Or is this a bug?

See it here:


Wanted to add that I am using RW 8.3 on MacOS Mojave. If that helps.

In your link, the first ‘Contact us’ is not working, and the one below it is working as you expect? Is that correct?

Yes, I am know what is going on there - I just didn’t know what is up with the Sections Mask.

The link is just a working site - not going live with that.

I think, then, that you have just missed the ‘fixed image’ setting in your section background.

I am using an image. I am using the Sections Pro Background child stack and adding the image.

Thats how it was done in the demo - used they Background stack.

The only difference is – the SP demo used the “Background Stack (Legacy)” and it works.

If I use the Background Stack (child stack) then it doesn’t work.

Maybe @tav has an idea of why?


Did you click on the image to expand it? It’s cutoff in the forum. There’s a ‘fixed image’ checkbox towards the bottom. Make sure that is ticked.

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And that was it.

All fine now.

Thank you,


Thank you @jabostick, prompt and on point as ever.


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