"sections" demo projects

(tomas nittner) #1

humble greetings illustrious pundits or the arcane art of rapidweaver,
i am trying to build a site with the fabulous “sections” stacks by our good friends at big white duck. now i do seem to understand that there are some demo projects flotaing that make things so much easier to understand. as i haven’t been able to locate them i was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction?
thanks and regards,

(Andrew Tavernor) #2

The demo projects for all of the stacks are located on the Downloads button of the stack product pages.

Here are the ones for SectionsPro, they are in the same place on all the other stack pages.

(Jason Bostick) #3

If you navigate to the appropriate stacks page on the Big White Duck site, there’s usually a download button that you can click and see the available downloads. Here’s the Sections Pro page: https://www.bigwhiteduck.com/stacks/sectionspro/

What he said. :point_up_2:

(tomas nittner) #4

thanks ever so much dear friends!
chhers, tomas