BWD's Sections Fix, Sections Box and Mask.. explain?

They are powerful stacks, the Sections Pro line from Big White Duck, but there is no documentation for most of it, no examples even, but the pros use them to design great websites.

Could someone explain even in brief, what do these stacks do, what can they do?

Sections Box, Sections Fix and Sections Mask

I basically get Sections Pro itself… I use it in basic ways, and I use Header Pro and Paragraph Pro, but the missing demos and docs for those three I mentioned have me not using them…

Do you put them INSIDE sections pro stacks area, or do they go outside it? What do they basically do?

A begger.


Das Goravani

Start by downloading the example files. This is the Sections Box demo file.

Then simply play around with them.

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I’m afraid I have to take issue with this statement. There are extensive demo projects available for all of these stacks from the product pages. Each demo shows almost every possible use case and are largely copies of the published demo sites.

The SectionsPro micro site has several articles and downloadable demos covering many topics and the Learn Sections site and its associated project file is probably the most extensive example and demo project available for any stack. It has 15 pages of catalogued examples. In addition, Sections Box has its own micro site and example project with many ready built drop in examples and detailed instructions on what it does and how to use it.

If there are any of these links that you cannot find then please let me know. They can all be reached from the product pages.

As per above there are detailed descriptions on the SectionsPro and SectionsBox micro sites but in essence:

Sections Box : Place content within a Section and optionally animate it to make hover effects etc. Have a look at the home page called “Sections Box: what it doesHome | Sections Box stack for RapidWaever

Sections Fix: Fixes content relative to a parent section - it can also overlap. Have a look at the Sections Fix page on the Sections Demo site (and in the downloadable project) Sections Fix | Learn Sections

Sections Mask: Creates overlays or “masks” at the top or bottom of a section so that you can add semi transparent shapes, arrows or curves to avoid every section just being a square block. It has its own description page here: Sections Mask Stack


I’m curious, @DasGoravani. How much did you PAY for these stacks that you’re complaining about? If you find something, don’t pay for it and it doesn’t suit you, you can always move along to another product. Or, at least, dig a little deeper (into the website or this forum). Most stacks have been asked about here for years.

Also, the info is (afaik) all there as @tav mentioned.

I didn’t complain, I nicely asked, if someone would post something about them, but I obviously missed the extensive documentation via demo projects that are available for them. And as you know, BWD stacks are free, I will only have to pay anything via optional donation which I’m the kind who does that after implementing them…

@tav Thank You for the help… I’m obviously blind to what is there… must have looked at the wrong pages… I’ll make it worth your while doing what you did here, thanks.

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