Sections Pro Background Responsive Video

Using Sections Pro Child Animate Element stack for a background video. Can not find a way to make video responsive. Even tried putting the Sections Pro stack in a 3 column stack. Video still would not be responsive. Any ideas? Thank you!

Why not use the Layer Background/Video child stack?

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Layer Background video stack is what I use! Video does “chop down” in size, but on smaller devices, it slices the video down, rather than make it responsive (in other words, then the whole video shows vs. just a “slice” of it)

Can you give us a URL?

Thanks Rob, but no place to put the site yet. Think I’ll use a responsive video stack instead of Sections Pro. Any suggestions for a responsive video stack WITHOUT visible controls?

What content have yo got in the Sections Pro stack on top of the video?


Thanks Rob for your help. Am abandoning the project.


Video backgrounds are scaled to “cover” the whole of the section, that is how responsive background videos are always designed.

If you want a background video that always shows all of its content then you need to use an HTML video (i.e. a foreground video) that will behave like a foreground image in terms of scaling its height to the available width.

This behaviour is just the same as selecting “cover scale” for background images and is the only way to make a landscape picture/video cover a portrait container for small screens - its just geometry.

You can use Play by doobox. I use it here:

It is responsive and works as a background video in my case.

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Thank you Jan. That answers it. Really like your website!!!

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Thank you Andrew. Very helpful information!!

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