Animated multilayer image with section pro box

I’m trying to build an animated multilayer image with Section Pro and Section Box. The images stack up very well and appear as one image on the website. So far so good :slight_smile:
Getting all the layers to animate-in with the animate settings provided with SectionPro is challenging at the moment. Only the background layer works according to the settings. All the other layers appear at the same time.
I have a simplified project available via: (download available for 7 days)
The ulitmate goal would be to have each layer animate-in on a form field selection. For example: Booking a video studio: If you add the option of stuidolights and a camera that the studio lights animate in and also the camera etc.

Hi @RicoRoyal

I am in the process of moving house and so am not able to help immediately. If you would like to post this to the BWD support area here then hopefully one of the other experienced users will be able to sort it out for you in the meantime.

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