Sections Pro demo file missing stack

Hello folks,
I’ve been downloading all stacks from BWD to use in a foundation project. Now that I’m trying to figure out things the demo file says I’m missing a used stack, so some parts of pages are not shown on preview. The missing part is the foundation Button Plus in the floating back btn partial and in the Demo Header partial. But I think I have this installed with all the foundation stacks packs…
How can I fix that?

I’m currently trying to build this flex hight header from
Thought it would be easiest to get it out of the demo file…

Thanks for your help!

The BWD ButtonPlus stack has been replaced with the newer ButtonPlus2 stack. I would think that the older BP stack is no longer available for download, so you can just replace the older BP sack with the newer one, i.e. BP2 which is available for download.

The button is not really part of the SectionsPro functionality at all - it is simply a way to navigate back to the home page for purposes of previewing the demo. The rest of the page should not be affected and you can safely delete that stack or just replace it with a ButtonPlus2 set to a Type of Back (Previous Page)

Thank you for the quick reply!
And you were right, I found the part I was looking for, which I thought wasn’t showing.

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