Selective application of Typeface in Foundry stacks

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I’ve been playing a little with the Typeface stack in Foundry. On the surface, it’s fairly easy to use, but it’s possible that I’m trying to do something that’s not meant to be done.

There is a setting to set a single font on all of the headers. What I would like to do, though, is use a Typeface font for only h1, h2, and h3 and to leave h4 and h5 in the default font. I know I can do this by setting the font on each individual header stack, but I’m looking for some setting that will allow me to do this.

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Hi there @douga

Typefaces isn’t what is applying the font to your headers in this case. I’m assuming you’re setting the Typeface font to your headers in the main Foundry Control Center staccatos, correct? If so, that stack is what is applying the font. It is responsible for setting the font for the headers. Separating the application of the font to individual headers isn’t how the stack works though. You can however choose to instead set the font choice in the individual Header stack(s). This would allow you to set it for each individual header that way.

Thanks. I did have it set up the way you’ve outlined in your reply. I just wondered if there was some setting I was missing. Still and all, I think the Typeface stack is really nice. :smile: (as long as Google keeps supplying those fonts.)

The good thing is, even if they were to totally dump Google Fonts you can still use Typeface’s Self-Hosted fonts feature to make serving up your own fonts easier. :+1:

After reading your reply, I poked around in Typeface (because I’m too lazy to read the docs :smile: ) and figured out how to use a self-hosted font from project resources. What can I say? Foundry is way cool…

Thanks for pointing this out.

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Hi Adam,
I’m just reading this thread and was wondering if it’s best to use fonts served up by Google or have the fonts in resources and serve them up that way.

Is one method better, quicker loading or it doesn’t make any difference?

Cheers Scott

Just comes down to whether you need to meet GDPR requirements or not. If you need to comply with GDPR then most would suggest self-hosted fonts. If not, then Google Fonts is likely better fonts you use may be cached on the user’s computer already from visiting other sites that also used those fonts.

I wouldn’t rely on google for anything. Nothing is free… Google has a long history of changing how things work with their “free” products. Google Voice and Google+ are two examples where I was personally burned. They tend just arbitrarily change the way things work and will even discontinue products all together.

You are much better off providing your own fonts. Be careful with font licensing though. Font companies can de nasty if they find you using them without a proper license. You could use Google fonts that you just upload to your server though.

Full disclosure:
An example of why…

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