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I would strongly advise the client to not allow a download because once a file is downloaded in a fully playable format, you’ve lost all control of the content and might as well give it away. I’ve seen Vimeo embedded in a website and it looks fine. The only way I knew it was vimeo was by inspecting the source code for the page.

But, having worked with stubborn clients, the best you can do is warn them.

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You are in luck! This new hosting service Kaptiwa launched recently and it is still on offer for a onetime price for a commercial license for 100 dollars! Go get it before it is monthly only at

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wow I was just about to go to bed, This looks really interesting.
At this stage im really up against the gun timewise.
Are you affiliated with this?
ie if I need help tomorrow (sunday!) can you advise me?

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@Figory If I look at what David Sparks does and what Curtis Judd does in terms of the same challenge … they both seem to use

Both of these individuals sell videos to a very targeted audience. David lets folks download, Curtis doesn’t. Both have their own regular websites. But selling their video courses (payment and delivery) is done via Teachable.

Not as cheap as Kaptiwa. But then again MacDonald’s is cheaper then a lot of places. Remember: your name is on the line. I have no idea what your client’s target audience is, what pricing is, and what the guesstimate is for sales per month. That can change things a bit.

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I am not an affiliate.
Maybe I should be lol.
I have just grabbed it before ir expires today.
There is an OTO with more player skins and monetisation tricks for 67 dollars.
It does have a 30 day money back so maybe just grab it and play with it a bit and if you don’t like it
get your money back!
The licence is for 2 years initially so read the FAQs, OK?
I am around a bit today but VERY busy - we have paying guests arriving today to our holiday rental in Italy where I live.
Hope that helps.

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I’m always careful when it comes to things that appear to be “to good to be true” like Kaptiwa. Especially if it’s from someone that I’ve never heard about and has a “One-Time Deal“ and “will be Gone forever” with a countdown with only a few hours on it.

Not saying it’s a rip-off as I have no experience with them but I personally would pass and go with a reputable company. Something like teachable in @Mathew post above.

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Thank you everyone for all this help. I really appreciate it. looks fantastc and will save me hours of research for next time.

I did buy Kapitwa … but I was si tired and my head was spinning I just couldnt figure it out, and it rejected uploading my video formats. I have asked for a refund …so hopefully that will go smoothly. If I had more time I think I could get it going but Im so under pressure.

So I am now back to Vimeo. BUT my problem is obviolsy my videos need to be set to private, if not no one will buy them. I have figured out how to allow embed private video onto my clients domain alone. HOWEVER …
It seems that no video stacks can work with private videos. At least I dont know of any and all the ones I have …Nick CatesVelvet and Joe Workman Video Wall etc will not work with private.
Anyone know of one I can use with these? Because the embeded videos are not responsive … All good on desktop but useless on phone etc.
Is there a work around? Quite desperate asd I thought that at llast things were working out, but this isnt going to fly as it is.

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Did you try just embedding by pasting the widget in a html stack?

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Hi Scott

Yes the embed code they provide has height 600 width 350.

I found a random stack in my collection that I dont remember seeing before by Pressure Designs called a responsive embed stack.

I put the code in there andf deleted the width and height and so far so good !!!

Its a shame not to use the Velvet Video stack or Video Wall aS they look so slick. But at this point im so happy to have them on the page at all!

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You’ve got a few threads going here (and on another forum) all relating to the same thing. So if you’ve got this figured out or have gone another direction than disregard.

If you are talking still about Vimeo, they default to providing a “Fixed Size” Embed Widget. You can easily change that to be responsive.

  1. If you are in settings Click on the Video

  2. Once you bring the video page up click the Share button (paper airplane)


  1. Once the Share dialog appears go to the “Embed” area a click Show Options


  1. Click Responsive, select the Embed code and Copy and Paste.

Vimeo does warn this:

:warning:The responsive code may not play nicely with certain webpage themes and layouts. If you are having trouble with the responsive embed code, we recommend switching back to the fixed size embed code.

I haven’t seen it do bad things, but you should test it out.

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Hi Doug

Thanks so so much. Yes I have been through every single variation of ways to set up selling these videos. Everytime I begin to get a hang of what I need to do… My client changes her mind about how she wants to do things. Litterally every way possible in the last few days. As a result I have been spinning my wheels … frantically posting on both boards which I usually never do and unterstand is frowned upon. But I have been so freaked out about the time contraints …like a chicken running in circles. Had I been a bit wiser at the begining I would have been better at insisting how this should go.
Im now hosting the groups in private portfolios in vimeo and selling the links to this using Cartloom. Using pro version so that her clients can request redownload of login info via her website rather than
contacting anyone.
I have to finish it tonight so no matter what this is how its going down and what she wants.
I SO appreciate the amazing help on both forums. I would find it impossible without. But I do hope I havnt driven people NUTS with my constant about turns. Im fairly mortified and may have to change my name and fish hook and lime slice picture. BUT THANK YOU

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Update on Kaptiwa.
I bought it when my head was spinning and I was really tired.
I found the user interface too much for my addled brain.
Im sure like everything had I had the time to get to grips with it … it would have worked out.
Anyway they sent some nice emails today with links to tutorials etc.
However its not for me right now and they have promised refund within 24 hours so all is well.

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