Sendy & GoDaddy: 502 (Bad Gataway Error)

Hello RapidWeavers,

after installing Post Office Stack by Joe Workman I decided to opt for Sendy as a self-hosted newsletter program. It looks better in terms of GDPR compliance after a quick browse.

I post this topic on the Lounge as it is not directly something for the RapidWeaver software, but I really value the quality and professionalism of this forum and I contacted both parties involved (Sendy and GoDaddy) but none could really manage to find a solution to this issue. I will try again anyway, as I don’t want to give it up.

When I bought Sendy, I recieved a “GetStarted Guide” and I followed it step by step, until I got blocked on step 4 which is when I need to install Sendy on my webpage (see picture below). The AWS access key details can be left blank for now, and can be adjusted later on when I will register with the Amazon Web Serivces (AWS)

After filling the form and clicking on the Install button, I get this:

I called my hosting company (more than once) and they said there is not an issue with my site. (!?)
I contacted Sendy and the person said it’s not something to do with the Sendy application, but with the hosting company.

I’ll keep in touch with them anyway to try and find out more, but I wanted to check from the RapidWeaver community:

  • what is the possible trigger of this issue?
  • Is there anything I can do about it?

Any idea, thought or suggestion is appreciated.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Have you set up the database?

In the “Note” in your screenshot, there are some important instructions you need to complete.

Disregard what I said if you’ve already done the database part.

Hello Neil,

thanks for your message.

Yes, I have configured those credentials on the config.php (file) inside the Sendy folder via FTP.

I think those notes appear anyway to remind people to double check it.


502’s can be tough to debug.
Usually it’s more a hosting or script issue and can be difficult to get resolved without hosting company support.
Sometimes a query, script, or request will take too long and so it is canceled or killed by the server. A lot of hosts, especially shared hosts implement what they call a “kill script.”
I’m not familiar with Sendy and my only experience with goDaddy is move sites off of their servers. My suggestion would be to “double check” all the setup settings. Also looks like sandy has to have AWS, even though it says “you can setup later” you may try adding that info early.
You might think about checking to see if anyone else (not just RapidWeaver folks) has setup Sendy on GoDaddy. Maybe search for it or check Twitter.

Have you asked on the Sendy forums? I googled “Sendy install 502 gateway error” and some interesting results came up. I am not sure if any of them pertain to your setup though.

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I should note that @barchard now offers a hosted Sendy instance for dirt cheap. It could be a great alternative to trying to manage your own instance.


Hello Doug,

Very good point.

Thanks for your advice, I will keep it in mind.

By the way, now I don’t get that error any longer… it changed to another error (…oh dear :sweat:…)
This is the message I am getting now.

Another weird message I have no clue why is there. (Do you?)

I will take on board your advice and Joe’s one: I’ll Google it up and look on Twitter etc.

In the meantime I am keeping in touch with the Sendy’s forum, so I will get somewhere at some point.


Hey Joe,
Thanks for your message.

What do you mean with a “hosted Sendy Instance”?

I just typed in the address in the URL above (in Chrome) and did not get that error page but go this:

I didn’t do anything else (x out) but try again (clear cache or try chrome)

Basically, @barchard has an instance of Sendy that he maintains. You can get an account on there to send your email.


Yes, as @joeworkman was kind enough to mention, I have a Newsletter service that I control and maintain for clients. I handle the administration, Amazon issues (such as blacklists and spam complaints), security and updates. It even integrates great with Joe’s Postoffice Stack.

I’d be happy to help you get started, just let me know!


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The page is showing fine to me, but then when I click on the button “Install Now” I get the message ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE
Everything on the form is correct.
I am starting to understand that the problem is a security-derived problem.
For example this is what I get on Chrome:

Something to do with https and http might causing the problem from this.

On Firefox this is what is shown when clicking on “more info” link of the error:


In the guidelines of Sendy’s Installation they actually suggest to define the APP_PATH with a http URL, but I think that is only as an example and because my site is https the APP_PATH is set up as https as you can see from the link above of my site.
(see below the excerpt from the Sendy’s guidelines)

Do you think this can be an issue that is causing the problem?

I have asked this question to Sendy’s forum on this one, but waiting for an answer.

Just curious about what you think about that.

Thanks Joe, appreciate that. I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

Hello Gregory,

I will message you regarding the service you provide. That looks cool.

Talk to you soon.

I would definitely set it to https. won’t hurt to give it a try.