Sentry Stack and Gallery 3

I have set up a page on a clients site using Sentry Stack and Gallery 3.

It allows the client to load up images easily … which then look great in a gallery and lightbox
(Thank you Jannas at Instacks!)

My question is: Where are these images stored? (and description text)

I am concerned that republishing the site after various page updates I’m going to overwrite all her work and loose it.
What can I do to avoid this!?


I guess the images, descriptions, and page texts are stored inside some files on the server.

Check with a ftp app the folder on the server.

hi, yes I’m looking. I have never used sentry before (or gallery 3) and have now added pages and files etc to the site and need to republish. Don’t dare do it!

Sounds great!
May I ask what settings do you used for that?


Hi Peppermint

Here are settings:
test page is here

I have a 1 column stack
Inside that a Gallery 3
I have selected Grid Justified

Then I have Sentry Control center stack
Sentry Edit stack (so client can login)
Sentry login stack

Then added this in a plain text stack


Many thanks for your kindness


Had just a look at your site, must say looking good. Great work :+1:

Thank you. Very kind thing to say!

Actually I have now updated it. I have used Doobox Ice stack to create some hover image links on the home page.
I was going to add the link to the stack but it does not seem to be in the doobox store anymore.

Anyway the good news is that the sentry/gallery 3 page is not affected.

The images imported using Sentry can be found on the server /rw_common/plugins/stacks/SentryEdit/media/IMG_0548.JPG

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