Client Gallery (very easy!)

I am looking for a system that allows my client to upload images of her paintings and a brief description and price.
It needs to be VERY simple to do as she is not computer literate.

I had done this using an instagram feed stack, this was perfect except that the images are square so she wanted something else.

I thought that Sentry Stack and Gallery 3 would be the solution. It was… but I have some sort of glitch and while i could log in and save description text… she couldn’t … and I cant figure out whats going wrong there.

Any other thoughts greatly appreciated! Especially as simple as the instagram feed… but not square!

EasyCMS Gallery or TotalCMS gallery or (if you want more explanatory text) a feed or a blog within TotalCMS. Dropdead-easy for clients.


Gallery 3 Stack with Pulse CMS works a treat:

by @instacks

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You should consider updating to Sentry 4, which was a free update released in December:

If that does not work for you, then get in contact and provide some information so we can attempt to help you. Otherwise complaining about things not working and flitting between different products accomplishes nothing towards addons being improved! If there is something that needs to be fixed, we will be more than happy to look at it for you.

Sentry and ProGallery are a good match. You can setup ProGallery to read a CSV file or images from the Sentry media directory. Or combine ProGallery with the free Droplet, stack, if you want an unbelievably simple way for your client to upload new images to a web gallery, with drag-and-drop ease. Simple descriptions and prices can be abstracted from the image file names.

Let me know if I can be from help :slight_smile:

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